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Value-Added Cloud Expert Reseller

We have state-of-the-art expertise in cybersecurity, IT managed services, CRM application (Dynamics 365) and business process automation (tasks) for SMB with 10 to 100 employees.

We make your business more secure and more productive with automation, data analytics, and business process organization technologies!

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Our services

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC can take care of your whole system or a specific part of it.

Infrastructure migration

to cloud or other technologies

Cloud infrastructure optimisation

Advices for cloud solutions

Integration and deployment of cloud solutions

Information technology concierge

(expert advices on technologies, products and ressources on the market)

Technical support for users

Support contract adapted for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 customers

Updates for operating systems, softwares and applications

And more!


  • Jean-Sébastien

    We had an internal MS Exchange server that dated and put our operations at risk, we had to migrate to Office 365 but the impact on our operations made us fear and delayed the project. DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC did the migration for us, the impact on our operations was zero, our users, have barely realized that we had migrated to Office 365. We now have peace of mind, our messaging service is more reliable than ever!

  • André

    We used Excel sheets for our telemarketing, activity tracking, information sharing and presentation of results, were very laborious. DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC helped us structure our telemarketing department with Dynamics 365. Now we are able to create our marketing lists, generate detailed opportunities for the sales force, track them, easily view the history of activities and consult complete campaign reports on activities that are during the week.

  • Jimmy

    Before, each representative with his own Excel lists to plan his prospecting activities, documented his activities as he could, have an overview and keep the history of the activities they had been solicited, lost, relaunch them on the moment was a challenge. DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC with Dynamics 365, allowed us to change all that. Now we plan our prospecting campaigns, they are targeted and organized and we quantify the value of future opportunities. We can use the wealth of past information to plan for the future and generate more revenue for the company!

  • Catherine

    In the last five years, we have had a strong growth. Our organization asked us for reports of activities, to provide historical and projections. With the tools we used, it was very difficult for us. DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC with Dynamics 365, allowed us to change all this. Now thanks to centralized data and efficient categorization, we plan our prospecting campaigns, they are targeted, organized and we quantify the value of future opportunities for each business unit. So we can produce full reports. We can use the wealth of past information to plan for the future and generate more revenue for the company!

Our products

We work with performant products and we can resell hardware to suit you needs. We have the migration and duplication software Double-Take from Visions Solutions, the Exclaimer signature manager, the BitTitan migration software, the TrendMicro antivirus and Netgear networking, Lenovo storage and servers, Commvault… and more! Here are our 3 main products!

Who are we?

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC inc. offers an innovative concept by being the first Valued Add Cloud Reseller in Quebec. There is a wide range of cloud services available on the market and its complexity make it hard to find the proper a solution that will match the needs. That is why a Valued Add Cloud reseller has its usefulness. We act as an intermediary for companies wishing to acquire cloud services by identifying with them the most effective and economical solutions to meet their actual needs. As a specialized Cloud Reseller, we have access to the widest range of services available on the market by the largest service providers.

Our mission is to enable companies to focus on their main mission, their goal for existing, by providing the technology to make it happen.

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC inc. offers a range of services, solutions and products adapted to the actual needs and budget of their customers and offers a single monthly invoice.

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC inc. offers specialized services in cloud computing while having a proof experience in traditional infrastructures. Over the years, it has developed expertise in data center management with more than 200 servers under management, customer support, and IT outsourcing for several SMEs in Quebec. It also has a strong team of technical specialists.

Youtube channel

The DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC's channel exists to spread information to the DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC customers about Microsoft products. The first things you'll find are videos about Dynamics 365, made with Skype entreprise. Over time, you will also find new videos about Microsoft 365 and Azure. Every one of these were made by the DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC team and were designed to be intuitive for both users and administrator.


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