Why should a company that already has a tool for scheduling technician work on the road consider migrating to Dynamics 365 Field Service?

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You may be wondering, why change something that already works? Well, the answer is simple: to be at the cutting edge of technology and to have a strategic advantage over the competition. Dynamics 365 Field Service is the perfect tool to meet all these objectives.

Most of the customers who approach us with an interest in Field Service already have applications, but these have major problems: their system is outdated and not integrated with any other company application, their system is no longer supported and there is no more maintenance or updates offered, and sometimes, the company that created the tool has closed.

In addition, the new technologies are not all available for these systems, even though they would offer a clear strategic advantage to the company and allow you to stand out from the competition by being at the cutting edge of technology. These new technologies include quick and easy integrations with other systems, easy-to-use native mobile apps, integration with IoT sensors/IoT, and artificial intelligence and automatic scheduling features that are increasingly sought after in the market.

It's not complicated, Field Service offers an A-to-Z framework of the customer lifecycle in your company. This means that as soon as the customer gets in touch with you to learn more about your services, you can create them as a lead in Field Service. Then, all your activities related to that person can be tracked right up to the sale of a product, service, maintenance, or support contract, and more.

Field Service is also a complete application that brings together sales, customer service and after-sales (Field service), in addition to being able to be integrated with an ERP system such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Then, when you will be ready to install the equipment or deliver an order, you will be able to plan your technician's interventions and the tasks that need to be performed. You will also be able to reserve your inventory, if applicable, and your technician's truck required for the job. Then, if the customer has a technical problem, you will have the information of the equipment installed in their home, so you can quickly become aware of the problem and send a technician on site, with all the information on hand to help your customer.

Of course, you will also be able to track supply, billable working hours, delivered parts, and more, so you know what you must charge to your customer. This 360° view of your customer will allow you to know the profitability of your activities, from initial sale to after-sale support.

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