Can I allow customers to view or open service calls, view their bill and work history, or schedule a technician’s work themselves?

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You want to allow your customers to view or open service calls, view their invoice and job history, or schedule a technician's work by themselves? Field Service can help! With a Power Pages portal for Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can enable your customers to do all of this and more.

Self-service for your customers:

Your customers will be able to open service requests, view current and past service requests, register equipment in their possession for future maintenance, schedule a technician's interventions, view the history of interventions, and consult any other information deemed useful to make available.

Proactive Services:

They can also access to your knowledge base to answer their questions themselves! If that's not enough or they want to, customers can also use it to open a chat window with an agent in your service department or with a chat bot that can quickly answer frequently asked questions.


The Power Pages portal is secure with two-factor authentication provided by Azure B2C, so the security is entirely under your control!

Management of external partners:

The partner portal offers the possibility to manage opportunities with external partners, but also the possibility that subcontractors can access the work order you have signed for them and complete them without having to pay for an additional license for them.

Secure gateway to other content:

You can also link to other websites that are useful to you or a marketing intranet accessible to customers who have authenticated with Azure B2C to the portal, so they have specific access rights to content made available.

Example of the support home page of


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