Power Automate: The Game-Changing Automation Tool

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Have you ever heard of Power Automate? It's a cloud-hosted automation service that allows you to create automations between different services. Imagine being able to connect your Dynamics 365 CRM with your ERP system, with a database on a local server or a custom application hosted locally or in the cloud. It's possible with Power Automate!

But that's not all, you can also automate updates, tasks generation, emails or survey sending based on events in Microsoft 365, Dataverse, or all sorts of other systems. And with over 400 different connectors with common enterprise applications in the industry, the possibilities are endless.

And that's not all! Power Automate also includes several artificial intelligence features, such as sentiment analysis, character recognition on scanned documents, optimization of its own processes, and more.

Want real-world examples of how to use Power Automate? You can automate manual tasks, integrate systems, and automate business, sales, and customer service processes.

3 real-world examples of how to use Power Automate:

  1. A customer who needs to confirm appointments to his clients with a personalized email and an explanatory document with the terms and conditions, was performing this task manually.  Each communication and documents must consider the person's gender, language and one of the 6 companies for which they have an agreement.  Power Automate now automatically creates this for them based on the information in Dynamics 365, saving them an incredible amount of time!
  2. A customer needed to obtain information and send it to a vendor's database from Dynamics 365.  His provider doesn't have a connector to provide it with APIs only.  Power Automate can be programmed with APIs, it allowed them to automate the creation of new customers from Dynamics 365 in their vendor's database and get updates to their customer's portfolio from them in Dynamics 365.  Previously he would have to do this manually and copy and paste, it's a clear gain in productivity.
  3. A customer receives a lot of vendor invoices in accounting, and they manually enter them in an approval process by the various branches and then enter them into their Dynamics 365 business Central accounting system.  Power automates takes invoices directly from the email box where they were received, transfers them to SharePoint, analyzes them with the OCR AI builder service, identifies the important items for approval, requests approval and then creates the record in Business Central.  A lot of hours saved doing non-value-added work that can now be used to create wealth for the company and offer rewarding work to the employee who was doing these tasks.  

There are many other examples where Power Automate has made a difference.

In summary, Power Automate is a powerful tool that can help you automate your tasks and processes, saving you time and efficiency. So, what are you waiting for to try it out?  

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