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DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC helps you transform your conference rooms into an integrated collaborative environment with your business applications. No matter how great we are, we have the solution.

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By combining the right technology for video and audio capture, the collaboration application you use and a touch screen.

Logitech solution

The Logitech ConferenceCam deliver a clear audio and ultra-clear video that are so surprisingly affordable that any meeting place can be a video collaboration space. Designed for small to large rooms, for use with any videoconferencing application, optimized and certified for Skype Enterprise, MS TEAM and ZOOM rooms.

RightSense software, optimizes the video experience

The technologies Logitech RightSense ™ including RightSight ™ camera control, RightLight ™ light and color optimization, and enhanced RightSound ™ audio, facilitates and automate better meetings.

Available on a growing number of Logitech video and audio components, RightSense works with all major videoconferencing platforms to simplify deployment and provide an ever-outstanding user experience.

Logitech also offers devices that make it easy to manage conference rooms for users.

We offer the full range of Logitech company products for conference room and workstation.


MS TEAM is without a contradiction the application of collaboration par excellence. It allows you to gather in a virtual conference room as many people from your internal team as external guests, in audio, video and on a phone number. By adding it to your conference rooms, you will be able to join a group of individuals. It delivers a clear sound and full HD 1080p video quality, all participants will feel part of the full-fledged conference.

MS TEAM allows you :

To share content on all devices

To collaborate in real time on documents

To exchange documents with the team members in a safe way

To plan your projects and follow their evolution

It connects third-party applications to facilitate sharing

Collaborative Interactive Senzyo screens

The screens Collaborative Interactive Senzyo, Enhances the level of collaboration. By adding a touch screen in your conference room participants will have a more active collaboration and you will increase the level of understanding of the participants. Some people are more visual than auditory, with interactivity you meet both.


For rooms of all sizes, they come with the following features:

Image UHD 4K

2. Size from 55 ‘ ‘ to 86 ‘ ‘

Whiteboard Application without a PC

Document saves on the cloud

Optional Windows 10 Professional embedded computer

MS TEAM preload

20 points multitouch

HDMI output, HDMI, VGA and USB, inputs

Sharing wireless Presentation

And more

Services offering

Room Design

Turnkey Installation

Demonstration equipment

Rooms equipment recommendation

Project financing on 24 or 36 months.

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