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This is what we offer you with VEEAM Cloud Backup for Office 365!
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Microsoft offers a wide range of powerful services as part of Office 365. But the full backup of your Office 365 data is not part of it.
Veeam ® Backup For Microsoft Office 365 Eliminates the risk of loss of access and control of your Office 365 data (including Exchange online, SharePoint online, and OneDrive for Business). Your data always remains hyper-available and protected.

Here are the new features added on version 2

OneDrive for Business data Protection

Quickly and efficiently back up the Office 365 OneDrive for Business accounts with the ability to restore and export files and folders using the new Veeam Explorer ™ For Microsoft OneDrive.

Protecting SharePoint Data

Back up SharePoint Local and SharePoint Online data by taking advantage of fast and flexible restore of SharePoint sites, documents, libraries, and lists through Veeam Explorer For Microsoft SharePoint, an already familiar and now integrated tool.

Major improvements to ease of use and backup flexibility

The Task Creation Wizard has been revamped: You configure, search, and keep your data visible with unparalleled simplicity.

2 options to host Your Office 365 backups

In your infrastructure.

You have a VEEAM infrastructure already, we will configure it for this option for you.

You do not have a VEEAM infrastructure, we will configure one for you.

At DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC, we are a VEEAM Cloud service provider with a safest infrastructure to host your data.

Strengths of the solution


Back up your Office 365 data to any location

Back up Exchange and SharePoint locally using the same APIs as Office 365 to reduce the impact on your datacenter and make more frequent backups of your users ‘ email data.

Office 365 Hyper-availability requires secure backup of SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange data to another location (your datacenter or DANSLENUAGE. Quebec to reduce the risk and make sure you can restore your users ‘ data when needed.

Perform backups of single and localized versions of Office 365, including those for the U.S. government (DOD and Non-DoD), Office 365 Germany, and Office 365 China.

Store your backups in the location you want, including local, a large-scale public cloud (Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web services) or a regional service provider.

Recover the Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint online, and OneDrive for Business data from a cloud instance of Office 365. Perform backups every week, every day, or even every five minutes, in native Microsoft Exchange format — an Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) archive database, also known as “Jet Blue.”

Restore Office 365 with the best market flexibility

Rely on a reliable, granular, and just a few clicks restore of your Office 365 messaging objects, your sites, documents, libraries, and SharePoint lists, as well as your OneDrive for Business accounts, files, and folders.

The direct restoration of Office 365 objects by several recognized methods gives you unparalleled flexibility.

Quickly search for and restore individual mailbox objects in an archived, protected copy of your Office 365 data.

E-discovery of the Office 365 e-mail archive

Without a local copy of your data easily accessible, retrieving your e-mails for regulatory or compliance reasons can be costly and tedious and cause a major disruption of your business.

With Veeam, take advantage of familiar advanced search capabilities and flexible restore and export options to perform an e-discovery of Office 365 messaging archives — just as easily as with a backup Local Classic.

25 How to restore your data, no solution offers as much

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Why do I need to backup my data?

When you email and files were on-premise, you protect them? So why don't you keep going now that they're in the cloud? They are no less important.

Ransomeware cannot attack Office 365 files for now in OneDrive and SharePoint but eventually they will find a solution, you might want to think about protecting yourself before they find it.

With Office 365, the data belongs to you

Microsoft Office 365 allows your business to run everywhere, without having to set up your own messaging, file, and content management infrastructure. Although Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, the responsibility for maintaining a backup of your Office 365 strategic data is not incumbent upon it.

With Office 365, the data belongs to you (it is you who control them) and it is up to you to protect them. With Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365You can:

Protect your data Office 365 Against accidental deletions, threats and deficiencies in the retention strategy

Quickly restore your individual objects and Office 365 files Thanks to the best market flexibility in catering

Meet legal and compliance requirements Through the efficient e-discovery of the Office 365 backup archive.


Here is a summary of Microsoft's obligations and yours in the face of your data:


How to acquire the solution?

2 options are available to you:

Acquire licenses at DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC, for the number of users you need for 1 year paid up-front or up to 5 years with additional discounts.

Flexible monthly subscription that can vary from month to month depending on your use at DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC .

Offer of DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC services

DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC Provides the following services to help the customer take advantage of the power de Veeam Cloud:

Migrating from another solution to Veeam

Backup Service with Cloud Connect (BCKaaS)

Disaster recovery Plan certified by catastrophe recovery Master

Technical Support

Business Needs analysis


Integration with business applications

Upgrading Installed Veeam Solutions

Office 365 backup Service (Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint)


Sale and rental of licenses

Disaster recovery services in case of disaster with Cloud Replicator (DraaS)

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This 3-minute demo video shows you how to download, install and configure your first backup job with Veeam backup for Microsoft Office 365 v2

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