With Lenovo servers, storage and networking products, you can deploy mission-critical applications, decrease operating costs, and support your cloud computing plans. Harness x86 servers power Big Data, cloud, and analytics workloads. Your data center will get revolutionary levels of performance – with the reliability you can only get from Lenovo. Keep pace with increasing IT demands with Lenovo’s new offerings that improve performance and increase the speed of deployment for your mission-critical applications, letting you focus on growing your business, not your IT infrastructure. Let Lenovo be the heart of your data center.

Although, at DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC, our first orientation is to move towards cloud solutions to meet the needs of today’s businesses, we are aware that not all needs can be bridged with the cloud. That’s why we partner with LENOVO to offer servers, storage products and desktops to allow our customers to meet their needs.

Why choose Lenovo?

Number 1 in customer satisfaction

Lenovo engineers know that every detail counts because each mastered skill increases the efficiency. Performance demonstrates this. According to the TBR (Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study) study, Lenovo leads the way in customer satisfaction for x86 servers (click the “Learn More” link to read the report). Our servers largely meet the changing business requirements of hardware, reliability, performance and efficiency to achieve their primary goal of lower total cost of ownership.

RELIABILITY: Most reliable x86 servers in the world

Infrastructure downtime is a problem for IT operations. Unplanned outages, even for a few minutes, can quickly disrupt network operations and end-user productivity, hampering operations and turnover.

Your business and your end users, customers, business partners, and vendors require uninterrupted access to data resources at any time and anywhere. Downtimes are always expensive.

Leading Performance for Competitive Advantage

Businesses revolutionize IT to deliver faster applications and analytical information that provides a competitive advantage. In this environment, time is literally worth money. To deliver faster information, you need to make the most of your mission-critical applications for finance, data analysis, online transaction processing and ERP. Lenovo is an industry leader and continues to be a leader in the industry. Our world’s fastest systems are designed to support your mission-critical applications. Lenovo continues to invest to ensure that its leading-edge platforms deliver the industry’s best performance, and to ensure that customers have seamlessly efficient and reliable systems.

SECURITY: Infrastructure Security Issues

At Lenovo, we believe that security must be integrated automatically. Enhanced security increases the reliability and availability of the datacenter while protecting the company from a possible violation that could incur considerable costs.

Lenovo rigorously monitors business processes, product design, and supply chain to ensure that products meet the most stringent customer requirements. We believe that we have the most transparent, secure and verifiable supply chain in the entire server industry.

INTEGRATION FACILITY: Success depends on openness and flexibility

Openness, as well as industry-standard deployment and design, are the cornerstones of Lenovo’s data center strategy. We do not use interfaces or proprietary management tools, so we can facilitate the integration of Lenovo servers into your existing environment. Our open products and XClarity management tools work with the infrastructure and the main management consoles installed.

Lenovo also offers leading solutions through partnerships with the best suppliers. You have the choice and the freedom to deploy the solution most suited to your needs. You leverage industry expertise and best practices to intelligently optimize and manage your IT environment.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Complete life cycle of your Lenovo assets offering service and support

Lenovo is the number one in terms of reliability, but problems can sometimes arise. You may also need help completing complex IT projects. Lenovo offers a full range of flexible services to help your organization succeed.

We also offer professional services to help you deploy complex solutions or implement the latest technologies so you can get the most out of your IT solution faster.


Why choose DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC to acquire your Lenovo products?

With more than 100 years of IT experience combined, our team of specialists has the expertise to properly advise you on the type of equipment and configuration you need to adequately meet your needs.

Our team can also install and integrate it into your environment so you can get the most out of it.

In addition, we offer you the ability to acquire your company and cloud products in one place, one stop for all of your needs.

You save time and money!

Service Offering

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC offers the following services to businesses to enable them to make the most of their Lenovo product:

Business needs analysis and solution architecture


Deployment of server, storage, or PC

Product demonstration and solutions

Equipment sales and rentals

Sale of service contract

Interesting Videos

Lenovo Data Center Innovation

Innovation advances quality. We design products for the most demanding applications. We test everything – even more than what is required.

Lenovo Innovation: Performance

Innovation boosts performance. Our servers enable critical applications with performance you expect. Our servers have been awarded over 100 #1 benchmarks.

Lenovo Innovation: Security

Innovation strengthens security. Our servers, storage, and networking are designed with security features to help guard against data breaches. Security is essential to everything we do.

Lenovo Innovation: Integration

Innovation simplifies integration. Our servers, storage, and networking use an industry standards-based approach – and integrating them into your environment is easy.

Complementary Solutions

Physical and virtual server protection (BCKaaS and DRaaS)

No matter whether your servers are physical or virtual, we can protect them. We offer 2 types of protection: backup to our datacenter via the Internet, or near-real time synchronization of your servers and data allowing a very fast recovery of activities in an automated way on the infrastructure of our data center. We support a wide variety of operating systems.

Customer testimonial

Lenovo ThinkServer

Tasked with providing a high-performance yet cost-effective AutoCAD system to their engineering students, McMaster University deployed a Virtual Desktop Solution from Lenovo and i-Virtualize International. Running on Lenovo Flex System, the new AutoCAD system delivers improved user experience at about one sixth the storage space and one twelfth the power consumption of their old system.


Supercomputing is a science, and some of the companies on the forefront of technology, like Vestas, are utilizing it to connect sensor data, insights… and servers.


Fixnetix is a leading managed service provider for the global financial community, and has built a reputation as an award winning international technology vendor, supplying outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting, and infrastructure. And to do so, the IT server provider needs the right partner — and the right technology platform — on its side. Using a Lenovo server infrastructure, Fixnetix can offer its clients the ultra-high performance, reliability and efficiency they need to achieve high returns.

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