Privacy Policy


TO DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc., we are committed to the privacy of our clients, employees and agents, as well as to ensuring the confidentiality of the personal information entrusted to us in the course of our activities.

Our Privacy Policy not only meets the requirements of the Private Sector Privacy Act, but also describes our standards for collecting, using, disclosing and retaining your personal information. This policy also explains how to not protect your personal information and your right of access to it.

This document is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure that you need to be aware of changes to our privacy practices, as well as to unifying these practices and we comply with applicable laws. We invite you to check out this policy for updates.


Based on industry best practices, DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. affirms its commitment to comply with privacy laws and regulations and to protect all confidential information. All DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. employees who collects, or discloses personal information is required to comply with this policy.

The responsibility of DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. also extends to its agents, service providers and partners who offer the same level of protection to your personal information.


Personal information is that relates to a natural person and allows for the identifier. They are confidential, they cannot be disclosed without the consent of the person concerned.

Personal information to be protected regardless of the nature of its medium and whatever its form: writing, graphic, sound, visual, digital or otherwise.


DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. The nature and sensitivity of the information we collect about you varies depending on the services we provide to you and the legitimate requirements we must comply with.

The purposes for the few we collect information are inhabited to provide you with the products or services you have asked us to, confirm your identity, chair the fraud or warming questions regarding the relationship that unites us.

The reasons for we collect your personal information are determined before or at the time of collection. For example, information is collected when you register on our website, via email or open an account.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the purposes for the reasons, we collect some information, please contact us at the address below:

2 St-Germain Est street
Rimouski, Québec  G5L 8T7


    When we collect personal information about you, we have obtained your consent to use it at the goal for whatever it is received. DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. need your consent to use your information for other purposes or to collect additional information about you.

    As a general rule, we require your explicit written consent for the story, or disclose your personal information.

    When it comes to less sensitive information, we, in certain circumstances, accept your verbal consent. Occasionally, we, we, have actions or inactions, which you have given implied consent1. 1.

    Consent must be given by you or by a licensed person such as a guardian or agent.

    You can retire your consent at all times, subject to light or contractual restrictions. We inform you of the consequences of such a withdrawal of consent, including the possibility for us not to be able to provide a product or process your application. If you choose to retire your consent, we writers to our records. In addition, we ensure that the files that we have made up-to-date2and accurate at the time they are used. 2.

    In some situations, we must or have an obligation to collect, use or disclose personal information without your consent. This occurs when, for legal or security reasons, it is3impossible or difficult to obtain consent3. When information is collected for a possible breach of contract, for the prevention or detection of fraud, or for law enforcement, obtaining consent for marriage for the purpose of gathering information. In some cases, obtaining consent may be impossible or inappropriate if you are underage, seriously ill or incapacitated.


    We limit the collection of your personal information to what is necessary for the purposes that have been explained toyou. We collect personal information directly from you unless you have consented to us collecting this information from third parties or authorizing us to do so.

    We only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was received. This means that we do not push your personal information to any other end without your consent, except for the steps provided by law.

    When necessary, exclusively with your consent or if the law permits it, we have communicated your personal information to certain stakeholders authorizing permissions for the proper management of your contract or to comply with regulatory and/or legal requirements, do not do so:

      • Your representative at the manufacturer or supplier
      • Service providers and agents who need it for their contract or mandate and to administer our products
      • Legal or judicial authorities, when required by law, for example in cases of fraud or criminal activity.

    Despite what is being charged, your personal information is only available to those authorized to expedite it and for whom it is necessary in the performance of their duties.

    You have the right to know, upon request, to whom your information has been shared. It is only exceptionally and in accordance with the law that we will refuse to disclose this information. We keep accurate records of the people to whom we have shared your information and the circumstances for the few of your information have been disclosed.

    We, in certain circumstances, use service providers outside of Canada, including the United States. We have a responsibility to ensure that the service provider complies with our privacy policy and to ensure that their level of protection is comparable to ours.


    We conservative your personal information for as long as necessary to the fins for which it was collected. We must do that in accordance with the law 4. At all times, employees took security measures to protect the personal information collected, used, disclosed, retained, or departments that are reasonable given, among other things, their sensitivity, the end of their use, quantity, response and support.

    When we destroyed your personal information, we took the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality and ensure that a non-autonomous person could not access it during the destruction process.


    In order to offer you from time to time products and services that meet your needs, to provide you with privileged offers and advice and to better serve you, DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. may use the contact information you have provided (e.g. name, address, phone number, mail address, etc.) to contact you and may also share a list of customer contact information with other companies that make up DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. you need to opt out at all times by contacting us. This does not include communications about the product you are and the administrative communications necessary to properly manage your file.

    To meet the legal requirements, we need to obtain your consent so that the companies sub-company of DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. use and share your personal information with each other for promotional purposes, in line with your expectations. Your information was used to provide you with personal experience and to provide you with information, offers and advice tailored to your personal circumstances and interests from time to time.

    DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. will not share your information with other companies unless your consent has been obtained in advance or if the law permits it.

    We never use sensitive personal information for promotional purposes without obtaining specific consent consent to do so.

    You need to ask us at all times to not use or share your personal information between the companies that make up DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. for promotional purposes by making a written request to the privacy officer at the address and contact information at the end of this document.

    If you do not consent to the collection, use and party of your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the products and services requested to meet your expectations.

    No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.

    Taken note that we do not sell our customer lists at levels.


    We make every effort to ensure that your personal information is as accurate and complete as the purposes for which it is collected, used or disclosed.

    We are responsible for the personal information that we have in our possession or that is in our custody, including the information we provide at levels for processing purposes. We require these levels to maintain this information to strict privacy and security standards.

    We adhere to the principles set out in the act and the rules we have in place to protect your privacy. These rules are stated in this privacy policy, the code of ethics (which applies to directors, officers and employees) as well as the insurance industry's direct lines and other applicable laws.

    Our staff is responsible and adequately staffed on our privacy policies and practices.


    We have and continue to establish stringent security measures to ensure that your personal information remains strictly confidential and protects against loss or theft and from any non-authorization consultation, communication, copying, use or modification.

    These security measures include:

      • Organizational measures (e.g., use of security certificates and access to what is needed)
      • Physical measures (e.g., electronically managed access to offices for employees, backup and archiving of data through an external system, etc.)
      • Technological measures (e.g., use of passwords and encryption, frequent change of passwords, use of firewalls and segmented access operators, etc.).

    We recommend that you use unique and strong passwords for your online accounts and not disclose your passwords to anyone.


    You have the right to know if we have personal information about you and to view that information. You also have the right to ask how not to we collected your personal information, comment on us using it and to whom it may have been disclosed.

    This information will be provided to you within a reasonable time from the day we received your written request.

    In some specific cases, we have refused to provide you with the requested information. Exceptions to your right of access mean that:

      • It would be extremely costly to provide the information requested
      • This information refers to other people
      • This information may not be disclosed for minor, security or commercial property reasons.
      • This information was obtained as part of an investigation into a possible breach of contract or to prevent or dance fraud
      • This information is protected by solicitor-client privilege or litigation privilege

    You have verified the accuracy and integration of your personal information and, by the time, requests that it be corrected. We will respond to any request for correction within a reasonable time. Any access to information requests must be forwarded to the address at the end of this document.


    In the event of a security incident involving personal information, the COMPLIANCE Department of DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. (for internal use) a report of a security incident infringing on personal information (freely based on what is available on the Quebec Access to Information Commission website).

    As a result of this report, an evaluation is carried out by the senior management of DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. to determine whether the nature of the incident required a declaration with the provincial or federal privacy agency.


    There are significant risks associated with the use of technologies such as the Internet. As a result, there is no guarantee that the personal information you have provided is complete to the shelter. However, the insured as DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. uses all reasonable means at its disposal to protect your data.

    Therefore, you make yourself that DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc. and its suppliers would not be liable for damage or prejudice or future, directly or indirectly, for a breach of the confidentiality of data and/or information transmitted over the Internet to DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC Inc.


    Our employees can answer your questions and concerns about the protection of your personal information.

    To view your file, to make a complaint about non-compliance with privacy procedures, or to obtain information about the Privacy Policy, contact us.

    JOIN US:

    2 St-Germain Est
    Rimouski, Québec  G5L 8T7

    1. Article 14, LPRPSP, p-39.1.
    2. Article 11, LPRPSP, P-39.1.
    3. These service providers or agents undertake to comply with privacy legislation before any personal information is passed on to them.
    4. Article 10 et 12, LPRPSP, P-39.1.