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Among the most award-winning industries in the detections and prevention of security vulnerabilities in real time.

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All SonicWall solutions are available in monthly rental mode (SEC-aaS)

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Who is SonicWall: Committed For more than 25 years in the fight against cybercrime, Sonicwall Defending both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large groups around the world. Building on the studies of our Capture Labs Threat Network, our award-winning solutions for real-time security vulnerability detection and prevention, combined with the expertise and resources of more than 18 000 loyal partners worldwide, are The backbone ensuring the security of more than a million networks of companies and mobile networks as well as their emails, applications and data. This combination of products, innovation and partnerships has led to the development of a real-time cyber solution tailored to the specific needs of more than 500 000 companies in more than 150 countries around the world. The end result: You can increase your business volume. Without fear.

The next generation CLOUD CAPTURE platform

The capture cloud platform in SonicWall combines the general security information of capture Threat Network with management cloud functions, RContribution and analysis of the Capture Cloud Security Center, and the Advanced threat prevention of Sandbox Multi-engine ATP Capture. This approach allows our comprehensive portfolio ofAppliances Virtual and hardware high performance as well as customers to harness the power of the cloud. In order to allow you to stay one step ahead in the cyber-arming race, we have improved our solution and added five


CAPTURE CLOUD Security Center

Unified security Program for governance, compliance and risk management

Automated workflows and guaranteed security operations compliance

Precision security checks and decision making on the situational information base strategies

Improved efficiency and cost reduction through cloud administration and control

Reduce risk and provide quick response to security events


Capture client

Advanced attack detection through behavior monitoring

Management of DPI-SSL certificates

Security Application Client Side

Unique restore Functions (Advanced Client Capture only)

Highly accurate automatic learning and multilayered techniques based on heuristics


NSv Series (Virtual firewall for VM Ware environment)

Automatic fault prevention for public, hybrid, and private cloud environments

Protection of protocols, applications and against common network intrusions

Prevention of service disruption of the virtual ecosystem

Defense against cross-sectional attacks by virtual machines and lateral channels

Eliminating unauthorized access to the protected virtual data store


NSa SERIES (Les PareFeu pour infrastructure d’entreprise)

High port density with 10-GBE, 5-GBE and 2.5-GBE ports

Real-time in-depth memory inspection (RTDMI) and deep Packet inspection free
of reassembly

Integrated Wireless Controller

Real-time TLS/SSL and SSH decryption and inspection

Prevention of local and cloud threats with multi-engine sandbox, antimalware,
intrusion prevention, WEB filtering and more



Delivering secure, highly reliable, high-speed WEB applications

Accelerated Application Delivery

Preventing data leakage

Protection against the top 10 security risks OWASP WEB applications

WEB Application Threat Management

On-Demand technology

DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC offers Sonciwall products in rental mode, an easy way to ensure that your security will follow the evolution of security technologies. Hackers sort of new techniques every day, firewall must evolve quickly to counter them, in rental mode to be able to replace your firewall for a state of the art technology for the same monthly or lesser.

You don’t have to plan a big investment every time you have to update your security, thanks to a predictable monthly payment. No more time or we kept our firewall 5 years, after 3ans to the maximum, it is practically guaranteed that you will have to change it. Once done, what will you do with the old one? You close a branch, what do you do with the firewall that was there?

Your needs change and you need to replace it for a bigger one, because your new Internet bandwidth exceeds the capacity of it, in SEC-aaS mode, you only have to contact DANSLENUAGE. QUEBEC and we send you a better performance.

No longer risk the security of your business because you do not have the budget to replace your firewall.

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC’s service offer

All products are available in monthly or purchase mode.

Deploying DPI-SSL Security

ATP Service for Sonicwall existing in monthly mode.

Upgrading existing firewalls to the next generation.

Firewall Management Service via our GMSaaS console

Sonicwall Competitive Update

Security Architecture and Consulting

Deploying ATP Services

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Learn how SonicWall Capture ATP stops zero-day attacks with a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that blocks unknown traffic until verdict.

Learn how SonicWall next-generation firewalls use deep-packet inspection technology to uncover hidden threats in encrypted traffic.

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