How can you evaluate and confirm that the cost of your cloud services bill, really meets your needs?

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By taking advantage of this offer!

Here's our offer:

Ask for an analysis of your Microsoft, Google, or AWS cloud services by one of our experts and if we can't get you to achieve any global savings1 by our recommendations, it will be free.

What this analysis will consists of:

  • A virtual interview with one of our experts during which we will:

    • List your current licensed services and assess your use of them.
    • Review the basic security features of yours service.

  • A report with our recommendations will be provided in the following days.

The cost:

  • Option 1

    Office 365 or Azure service package for $450.00

  • Option 2

    Both Office365 and Azure package for $650.00


It could cost you even less:

If you ask us for a quote for your services: - 50% 2,3

If you transfer your services to us: - 100% 2,3

Not using Office 365 or Azure?

Our offer also applies if you have Google GSuite or AWS services.

Why does this offer exist?

More than 75% of the customers we meet have an inflated monthly Microsoft cloud bill because they do not lease the right services.

Furthermore, most of them do not have the right security configurations for their Office 365 or Azure services. Even basic elements which can make their company very vulnerable to attacks are left unconfigured.

Since we are the experts in cloud services, we are the best at finding the most cost-effective service plans and provide best security practices. Through our services, our clients are able to save on their monthly bill and improve their security, not because their former suppliers where selling them too much, but because they are not cloud specialist.

Doing business with experts can really make a difference for your business!

Terms and conditions.

  1. The overall savings are calculated not only on the products themselves, but on all the services you use.
  2. The analysis is payable upfront and the refund made thereafter depending on the case.
  3. A minimum of $500.00 in monthly services is required.
  4. To be eligible the customer must have paid the due fees. An analysis gives one chance to win.
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