How would Field Service improve my company’s productivity?

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Searching for information is the number 1 source of wasted time in a company's activities. We're talking about more than 40% of time wasted just for that! But with Field Service, that won't be a problem anymore.

Customer records not only give us a complete history of all customer assets, service calls, past work orders, and more, but work orders contain ALL the information technicians need to do their work : the job quote accepted by the customer or the initial service call that caused the work, attached files or photos, equipment that needs to be repaired, work history of those equipments, warranty information and any other relevant items, work instructions for the technician including tasks to be done, parts to be installed, etc., as well as emails, tasks, phone calls and appointments that took place or are scheduled.

Subsequently, your administrative department will be able to view the customer's signature, the time spent by the technician on the road, on-site and others, the invoice that was generated from consumed items and billable time put on the service call, and more! In addition, because Field Service is part of the Power Platform, it is extremely easy to set up automations to increase the efficiency of the service: the automatic sending of inspection reports or notifications that a technician is on the way, the generation of intervention reports, the automatic transfer of information and updates in customer files, and more!

You want to get rid of paperwork orders for your technicians on the road? Field Service can help! The Field Service mobile app is a minimal app that technicians can use on a phone or tablet. It contains not only the work order to be completed, but also customer’s informations, tasks to be performed, customers and device’s specific works and repair instructions, use and repair guides, and more. It is editable and adaptable to the specific needs of your business.

Technicians can also view equipments informations, the list of parts to be replaced, and the history of previous repairs. They can also schedule a subsequent intervention directly from their phone, directly with the client, but also collect a signature to confirm the execution of the work. They can even go so far as to take a payment from the client for the work performed.

 The app is also available in offline mode if your technicians are visiting buildings where there is no signal or traveling to remote areas. The data resyncs once they regain their connection to the internet.

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So, why not contact us now to get a demo of Field Service and see how it can improve your company's productivity?

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