Knowing that the implementation of Field Service represents a significant cost, is the return on investment interesting? 

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You may be wondering if it's worth investing in Field Service, since the implementation is a significant cost. Well, the answer is yes, definitely!

First, the Power Platform, on which Field Service is built, is supported by a "low code/no code" approach, i.e. with very, very little, if any, programmation required. As a result, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the solution is much lower than most of the other solutions available on the market. This means that once your implementation is complete, your team will be able to do most of the tasks required by themselves so that your tool can keep up with your ever-changing needs.

By centralizing your business tools such as CRM, service request management, etc., you will be able to reduce the number of tools that you use and the costs associated with them.

Real-life example of customers:

One of our clients offers an appointment booking service for medical assessments. Thanks to the Power Pages portal integrated with his Field Service, which allows his customers to schedule their appointments themselves, he saw his income increase significantly in a few months, without the need to hire more staff. His customers told him that they choose his service over a competitor's because bookings were much simple and easier to make!

Another of our clients has simplified the management of renewals, customer requests, and data in their records, through the task automation we have implemented in their Dynamics 365; they have 1.5 fewer employees than similar companies that offer the same level of service. Since he uses Dynamics 365, his income has tripled.

For another customer, with the Field Service's automated resource planning service, they can schedule 450 jobs for the next day within minutes. This job used to take them a whole day with 2 administrative resources and a lot of human errors!

Integration with the Internet of Things = cost reduction:

In addition, the integration of IoT sensors/connected devices makes it possible to quickly detect the exact need and problem to be solved, which avoids unnecessary travels by technicians. This improves service quality, costs, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Loss Reductions:

Similarly, accurate inventory management ensures that any part used is invoiced to the customer, which can prevent losses of tens of thousands of dollars for some customers due to technicians forgetting!

Share knowledge = better service

You carry out service interventions on very complex devices and your service employees do not always have the expertise to intervene? Field Service can help! Field Service includes Microsoft's Remote Assist service. With this feature, one or more employees at your office can remotely assist an already on-site technician or a customer in solving their problem.

For example, let's say you're sending a technician for a seemingly simple problem. However, when they arrive on site, he finds out that the problem is much more complicated than it initially appeared. In normal case, this technician would have to return to the office without been able to do anything to fix the customer's problem. You would then have to send a senior technician or one with an advanced qualification, as a matter of urgency if it is a critical issue.

With Remote Assist, your senior technician can simply offer real-time support to your on-site technician or the customer, using the power of augmented reality. With a phone, he can observes the situation, draw on the image he sees to tell the technician what he has to do, or send him the right documentation so he knows how to fix the problem.

Additionally, if your technician has Microsoft HoloLens glasses, this can be done even more efficiently, as your technician can do the job hands-free. However, this is not mandatory, only the phone can do the job very well.

It can save costs, increase the quality and the speed of services offered to your customer significantly.

To conclude, the exact speed may vary, but the return can be very fast! 

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